Initial Conversation

Taking the time to really understand our clients' needs, before any filming starts, allows us to use filming time more efficiently and greatly reduce the number of edits and revisions. That means you get your video done faster and at lower cost.

  • Begin with conversations about your business and your goals for the project.
  • Review samples of our work to get an idea of what you're looking for.
  • Create a proposal with more specific samples and a clear outline of the scope-of-work.
  • Discuss proposal to make sure we're all on the same page.


In the pre-production process, HireUp Video can help with scripting, or generating questions for filming day depending on the project. We also assist with the film day schedule schedule and logistics to make the production day seamless.

  • Once the proposal is approved, set a timeline for production and a final deadline.
  • Co-create the necessary scripts or interview questions.
  • Generate storyboards for videos that include animations or motion graphics.
  • Before filming begins we hold a final pre-production meeting to confirm the details of filming day.


Filming can be a logistical challenge, but we handle the details to keep things running smoothly. A well organized and efficient shooting schedule cuts down on production time and sets the stage for fast turnaround on post-production.

  • We plan out and do our best to adhere to a tight production schedule for on site film work in order to use that time as efficiently as possible.
  • Production should be completed within an agreed upon deadline and minimize any disruption to everyday work.
  • HireUp Video arrives early to set up equipment, review final production details and any last minute changes.
  • The interviewees arrive according to schedule and filming begins.
  • We film the interviewees and corresponding b-roll as the day progresses.
  • Throughout the production day, HireUp Video ensures that we are meeting the pre-determined production needs. We constantly review our production list.


The most complex part of the video creation process happens in the editing suite. This is when the 'magic' comes together. Every sound and every image matters as we bring your marketing materials to life.

  • At this stage we return to our project plan to guide the assembly of the final product.
  • Once editing is complete we will deliver an initial version for your review.
  • Due to our pre-production conversations, the videos we deliver for review rarely require significant changes to get to a final version - once again saving you time (and money).